Game persona 4 arena

game persona 4 arena

Curbstomp Battle : As this cutscene shows, Labrys is really good at what she does.
Despite dropping "The Ultimate in Mayonaka" from the game's title outside of Japan, game the original name appears in the intro movie in all regions.
She also uses Myriad Arrows in the style of her critical hit and thus as a non-Persona attack, and is also a skill neither of her two Personas game can naturally learn in Persona 3, Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable.
That said, once mastered, she is a force to be reckoned with, persona as she has a variety of deadly projectiles, command throws, status effects, a pair of instant death traps that she can force her opponent into, the ability to heal herself (a trait only.The only exceptions are persona Labrys' story, which is just backstory, and Elizabeth's, which doesn't focus on Labrys as much but still contradicts the others.Additionally, there are several persona palettes that are available only through purchase.(Well, its better than never!) and this games version.0.Elizabeth, who, as before, fights with a book and the cards inside.On the flip side, the Shadow Operatives use their All-Out persona attack portraits from Persona 3 Portable, updated with their new designs.Aerith and Bob : The majority of the characters have pretty standard Japanese and Western names, but there's also Aigis and Labrys.The sequel, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, introduces Shadow-type characters that lack a burst and other defensive arena options in exchange for more offensive abilities.Time Skip : The game takes place a month and a half after Persona 4 and two years after Persona.note For those keeping track, that's thirteen years since Persona 2 and about fifteen since Persona.The three of them and Yu (coincidentally) see. Mini-Boss : persona The Malevolent Entity.
Some of game persona the persona methods needed to 100 story mode are rather obtuse (namely, there being a secret scene in Yu's story that gets unlocked if you only persona pick the arena top choice for every choice in his story).
Terrorists Without a Cause : Fully played with.Bridal Carry : Aigis picks up Kanji this way after defeating him in her storyline, much to his embarrassment.She grew close to one of her "sisters #024, but reason was forced to destroy her too.They're stationary, but if the opponent touches any of them, the attack goes off.Weapon for Intimidation / Shoot Him!Meanwhile, Margaret serves as announcer for the Character Select screen, giving info on the cast.Below the Life Gauge is a Burst Gauge.

Eldritch Location : The Sea of Consciousness where Elizabeth spends her off-hours, and where she finds Erebus and the Golden Gate.
All the other characters have a cliffhanger ending for their arcade modes (which game persona 4 arena is meant to get you to play P4A's story mode but the three aforementioned characters end in an actual "congratulations!" screens with their character images.

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